Thursday, November 4, 2010

I am okay now ; maybe

For 11 months, the "baby" issue has never yet escape my mind. Its all I think about, all I talk about. Maybe if for another 6 years I still dont have a baby, I will think of the same thing everyday,talking about the same thing and crying over the same thing... maybe.OR maybe from now on, I need to learn to accept "things",be prepared for whatever coming.
Mama said,"banyak cara Allah bagi rezeki, DIA bagi lebih kat sini, kurang kat sana".

Every few days of so, I will hear of either people getting pregnant or people giving birth. Its becoming a routine now and if I am not strong enough, I will somehow, sink in my own emotions.

Last week, was the first week of my married life that "baby" wasn't an issue. Did I somehow managed to forget about it?

Ya Allah, we really want a baby...really really do, this is what we want; but If YOU have greater plans for us, please give us courage and patience to overcome what ever lies ahead. amin.


Syai Kamar said...

Thank you so much for the blog. Very informative and surely you're actually helping a lot of other people esp those who are not fortunate enough to have any kind of consultation from the experts. After reading these few entries, I came to a realization and learned to be humble regarding preggy matters. YES! I thought it's not going to be that difficult to get pregnant. Now I know. Thanks again. Keep on trying and blogging/sharing about it. We are praying for both of you. Love you a bunch!!

one BABY-step at a time said...

Thank u dear....u r about to enter another phase of life and hopefully all goes well for u both....see u at the wedding!! Muah

AiniQMY said...

hoh?? dah ok?? Yezzaaaaa..... the time will come...sooner or later it will be urs...tapi, sehebat mana bercakap, takkan sehebat merasai sendiri dugaan dari DIA...

But knowing you, i know u are a tough girl...i will always be by your side, no matter how..


inno7 said...

Dear Emy..
This is a very good thing..the blog i mean...after reading it i was thinking you guys are like Giulianna and Bill Rancic... But always have this in mind...challenges come in a lot of ways...and God only give His test to the people He knows who can handle are one of the most hardworking and brave person i know..and i'm sure you can handle this... Azhar and I plan to get pregnant after two years of marriage...but things happen.. at the state we are now...i'm not sure it's gonna be next i need to go under the knife again... i'm grateful that i don't have a child now under these circumstances... it's true what your mom said... God do have His ways...i really hope what you have been wishing for the past 11 month will come true... be strong and pray to him always...sembahyang hajat will a good start..especially after take take care and i wish u the very best of luck will come your way insyallah..

one BABY-step at a time said...

Tq eno.... U know much more than what it is in this blog...some things cannot be said here but it's still killing me.but i am better now thanks to all those that has been supporting me, including u and azhar. Dont worry about the operation, u have gone through this before,this time it's like "kacang" lah. Love u dear

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