Monday, November 8, 2010

time is the essence, don't waste any

I am 23 days late.It's normal.I can go up to six months without period and 23 days not gonna scare me.

I, however, make a move today with no planning whatsoever. I called the hospital at 11.15am and make an appointment at 12 noon with Doctor Jaya Balan in Pantai Hospital, Ipoh.

While waiting for consultation, I met a couple who has been married for 5 years and had been trying almost everything including IUI twice. They had been travelling back and forth from KL to Ipoh just to see Doc Jaya Balan for almost a year now and the next possible step would be IVF that will cost around RM 20,000.00 with 90 % chances of conceiving. I can't imagine what my life would be if I have to wait that long, but she's one tough lady, and i might have to wait that long, or maybe longer: god knows.

After waited for almost 45 minutes, we finally meet the Doc. Told him about the previous 3 cycle that we tried with Dr Ng (Ipoh Fertility Clinic).

The Doc Dignosed :

1. Clomifeme (tablet I have been taking for the past 3 cycle) to help induce ovulation is a good medcine, however, it has a many side effects including,  making our uterus wall lining thinner: thus, even if the egg gets fertilized by sperm, the chances of the implantation of the embryo is low because of the thin lining of the uterus wall ( it need to be thick for the embryo to be embeded)

2. He also said, since clomifeme does not work very well, as for the next cycle, he's gonna prescribe a new kind of medcine that works similar to clomifeme, but better. OR . I can directly try IUI ( where sperm is injected directly inside the uterus)

3. After a thorough scan using the vaginal probe ( for those who feel uncomfortable @ shy , please see female Doctor), I found out that my uterus lining is very thick; meaning that I am going to get my period anytime soon and  there's a few immature eggs inside both ovaries and also a layer of "unwanted" thick fat around the ovaries making it hard for mature egg(s) to get out to the fallopian tube.

4. and I have very bad hormonal imbalance. Estrogen level is higher than Progesteron level (or either way, can't remember)

5. Doc said, as for this month, first I need to take Glucophage for 15 days to help reduce the fat circling my ovaries, reduce my appetite and help me loose weight.

6. If anytime soon, if I got my period, I should see the Doctor on my second day of period to monitor my hormone levels and figure out what should we do next.

It cost RM 40 for consultation and RM 33 for medcine. Suprisingly cheap for a private hospital. First impression of Doctor Jaya Balan : he has a gentle fatherly figure, sure does had lots of informations than the previous doctor and I have good faith in him.

The original plan was to start seeing any doctor next year;
but we figure, why waste time, we're gonna go anyway, might as well be NOW.


AiniQMY said...

start lah bile2 pun godmother emy suraya......asalkan tidak give up dan selalu doa byk2... :)

lagi cepat start, lagi bagus, cuma kene selalu kawal emosi ye....tak semua usaha akan membuahkan hasil, tapi bukan hasil yg penting, usaha yg penting...

aku pun dah tak berape nak sabar nak tggu kan anak kamu utk main dgn anak aku :) jd, relax dan try your best!

one BABY-step at a time said...

Hahaha....ak rasa x main sma sama kot, anak kamu nnt jd abang....nnt dia ajar anak ak mcm mcm.kira mcm mentor la.kalu anak ak pompuan, habislah, mseti x reti main baby doll.reti main tembak tembak je!

AiniQMY said...

ooo..anak aku abg? boleh laaa buli anak kamu! hahahahaha :)) abg kan kerek dan poyo sikit...hahahahaha berusaha!!! sebab aku nak buat picnic dgn anak kamu nanti!

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