Sunday, October 23, 2011

IUI sekali lagi ; mungkin

My period came on time. 28 days cycle and I am so happy. Harap harap jangan lah melencong dah. Biar on time aje. Previous month ade merepek sikit most probably because of stress kot.

We decided to try IUI again this time and after this there should be just one more IUI s' sebab we planned to do IVF before January or at least Febuary. Tapi kena tengok jugak ape pendapat doc tentang hal ni. I hope I don't have to wait much longer. This matter has start to bother me day and night. Bukan sebelum ni tak ganggu pun, tapi sekarang rasanya dah makin menjadi pulak. So, if I try IVF tapi tak ade rezeki jugak, I can move on to other option(s).

on 27th ni nak pegi klinik tgh perkembangan telur...aishhh kan best kalau boleh sebut *tengok perkembangan fetus*, dalam mimpi ajelah kot.

Maybe buat IUI kot even if I ade just one egg, I dun care for as long as I try.

As for now, I am ok. Bulan ni try tak nak stress, tak nak sedih, tak nak susah hati, tak nak rendah diri.

What ever time I have and how much money I got, I wanna spend it for my baby. Perhaps you can fill in the big empty hole in my heart that not even millions of Gucci, LV, Chanel or Hermes can fill.


shaLiciOus said...

semoga berjaya sis!

Noli said...

gud luck..byk2 doa yer..aminn

Orang KeciL said...

semoga berjaya! jgn pernah putus asa ..

Syai Kamar said...

Love u!! :)

one BABY-step at a time said...

tqvm ALL (sha, noli, orang kecil)

syai kamar : Love u tooooo

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