Thursday, December 12, 2013

Second appointment at Tropicana 2nd September 2013


fuhhhhh... after 3 months of Diane 35 I finally made it to the next step!!

On day 20 of my cycle kalau tak silap, I went for my second appointment and bringing along my blood test result. As Usual Dr Surinder did a scan and looked at my blood test result and said " we are going for IVF ". 

It is such a released walaupun baru  nak proceed ngan IVF. I was really scared that doc will find something wrong with me and I have to go through something else before IVF because I was looking forward to it. Actually looking forward to MOVE forward, whatever the consequences are.Will there be a baby of our own? will there be a baby we adopt ? will we be alone just the two of us making money while we are still young and spend the savings paying for rumah jagaan orang tua tua or private nurses? These are the things that go through our mind.

So Alhamdulillah we can proceed. Doc will start me with injection of Bruserelin for 17 days. Due to my condition that is PCOS, I have to go for "long protocol". 

Everytime I kena amik any injections, they will give me a sheet like this, supaya senang nak paham

Sorry coz everything dah di "laminated" by my husband (he had a "thing" for laminate and filing), and I malassss sangat nak scan. 

Ini la ubat ubatan yang diambil pada permulaan IVF, Bruserelin (yang dalam kotak tu) kena extract sendiri dan masukkan dlm picagari tu. yang rupe macam makanan kambing tu adalah T-Life Mix tablet (sangat bagus) it gives you energy dan buang benda benda tak elok dalam badan. 

Lepas jumpa Doc, masuk sekali lagi dalam counselling bay. This time nurse panggil untuk explain IVF Process, payment method and sign an agreement.

Untuk IVF process basically dia ada bagi few important dates starting from tomorrow 

3rd September 2013 - Administer injection Buserelin 
19th September 2013 - come to clinic for blood tests (estradiol hormone level) and to scan 
25th September 2013 - start on Gonal F injection 
---------------------------come to clinic to scan the ovaries and follicle
---------------------------come to clinic to scan the ovaries and follicle 
---------------------------tentative date for egg pick up. Husband to come for sperm production as well
---------------------------Embryo Transfer
---------------------------Blood test for pregnancy test

Tarikh tarikh selanjutnya selepas Gonal F injection akan diberitahu kemudian.

Untuk Payment pulak

Start programme RM 8910.00 plus ada skit skit lagi untuk IVF day care dan sebagainya. Bayaran ni boleh bayar ansur ansur sampai lah ke egg pick up day (bayaran tak temasuk Doctor's consultation dan ubat) hanya untuk penggunaan lab dan OT room.

So tu general cost of our IVF, Jika sesiapa ada nak cuba di tropicana atau nak tau how it goes for the rest of the journey, boleh private message saya. 

till next appointment. Assalamualaikum


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apa khabar ye? saya masih menanti entri seterusnya perjalanan TTC awak..

take care..

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